Complete Indoor Growing Seed Starting Kit, Annual Flower Seeds

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Complete Indoor Growing Seed Starting Kit, Annual Flower Seeds

Regular price $99.99
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Your Complete Indoor Growing Seed Starting Kit contains everything you need to be successful!

2ft T5 Grow Light helps seedlings grow stronger.  Designed for indoor use, this light will help your seedlings get the light they need to grow healthy and strong. The 11 inch height of the fixture allows you to take advantage of this light source from seed to young plant. Grow lights help to keep your indoor seedlings from becoming "leggy" or reaching for light from a ceiling fixture.

Heat Mat ensures faster, even germination. The mat provides bottom heat which signals the seeds to begin germinating. Large enough for a standard starter tray, this 10"x 20" mat will work well with any Jiffy seed starting kit.

Pellet Greenhouse providing the perfect growing medium. Start up to 72 plants in the Jiffy 72 Pellet Professional Greenhouse. Ferry Morse’s highest pellet count in a kit, with a bonus set of plant markers and sample of SUPERthrive, a kelp-based vitamin for plants!

Non-GMO seeds high quality, seed starting friendly varieties. 

Flower Kit includes

  • one (1) Ferry-Morse Indoor Grow Light Fixture with T5 Bulb (Sku-KLIGHT)
  • one (1) Ferry-Morse Seed Germination Heat Mat for Indoor Gardening (Sku-KHEATMAT)
  • one (1) Jiffy 72 Pellet Professional Greenhouse with SUPERthrive Vitamin Solution With Kelp (Sku-J372PROGS)
  • one (1) Zinnia State Fair Seed Packet
  • one (1) Zinnia Giant Cactus Seed Packet
  • one (1) Zinnia Giants of California Seed Packet
  • one (1) Cosmos Dwarf Cutesy Mixed Colors Seed Packet
  • one (1) Alyssum Pastal Carpet Seed Packet
  • one (1) Coleus Rainbox Mix Seed Packet
  • one (1) Four O'clock Mix Seed Packet
  • one (1) Cosmos Sensation Mix Seed Packet
  • one (1) Amaranth Seeds, Love Lies Bleeding Flower Seed Packet
  • one (1) Marigold Ferry's Best Mix Seed Packet
  • one (1) Marigold Dwarf Bolero Seed Packet
  • one (1) Marigold Petite Yellow Seed Packet


Vendor: Ferry-Morse

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At Ferry Morse, we are proud of our non-GMO & guaranteed fresh seeds.

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