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What is a

If you’re a fan of pop culture, or just prefer a more moody garden, this trend might be for you. With the appeal of the Netflix show Wednesday, dark varieties of flowers and foliage are seeing a boom in popularity. Even dark varieties of herbs and vegetables are getting in on the action.

Try these elements of the Gothic trend.

In containers or sprawling backyard retreats, you can create the Gothic trend by trying these simple touches.


Dark purple, burgundy, deep green, burnt golden orange, and blues are key to creating the meloncholy and mysterious mood.


Try combining various flower and leaf textures like spikey grasses, delicate pops of whispy whites, or prominent broad leaves which can lend themselves to the drama.


Many Goth gardens have an informal, less symmetrical look. Plant along meandering paths, use statues or arbors with flowering vines, experiment with twig sculptures or lights.

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Did you know...
According to the National Garden Bureau (NGB) Gothic or “goth” gardens originated to incorporate themes of death and decay.

It’s not all dark and gloomy
Save some space in your goth garden for plants that attract pollinators for a healthy ecosystem.