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Gardening In School Program

Ferry Morse Gardening In School Program: Children at a school holding up crops they've harvested

Gardening In School Program

Why plant a school garden? School gardens are an effective way to promote life-long healthy eating habits and connect students to the natural world.  Gardening provides educators with opportunities to enhance student education through practical, reality-based learning. We're here to help foster gardening in school by offering a special program for schools and teachers to have better access to the seeds and supplies that make it happen.

About The Program

Ferry-Morse is dedicated to fostering gardening in schools. We understand the value that a garden can provide for students and want to make this a more accessible opportunity for schools wanting to grow gardens for their students.

To do this, Ferry-Morse is offering a special “Gardening In School” discounts to schools that want to grow gardens. This special discount can be used site-wide on vegetable, flower, and herb seeds as well as gardening tools and supplies. All you have to do is contact us at and we'll provide a discount code for you to use on your purchase.

Benefits of Gardening in Schools

- Contributes to students' communication and knowledge of emotions
- Positively impacts students' academic achievement
- Offers schools a way of helping children to identify with their school and to feel proud of their own individual contribution
- Improves life skills, including working with groups and self-understanding
- Instills appreciation and respect for nature that lasts into adulthood
- Improves nutrition knowledge of vegetables
- Encourages healthier snacking habits

How To Participate

It's simple. Contact us with an e-mail and some background on your school and your gardening program. We'll respond with an exclusive discount code that you can use site-wide for your purchase. E-mail now to redeem your personalized discount code. 

Where To Start

Here are some easy-to-grow plant varieties to get you started:

Snap Peas    
Green Beans

Plants Kids Love to Touch


Ready To Get Started?

Email us now to receive your personal discount code to use on your school garden purchases.

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