Pepper, Super Nacho Jalapeno Seeds

Capsicum annuum

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Pepper, Super Nacho Jalapeno Seeds

Capsicum annuum

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Super Nacho Jalapeno is an exclusive Ferry-Morse hybrid pepper variety.

It is NA-CHO average Jalapeno! 

This super-sized chili can grow to be double the length of a typical jalapeno pepper. At 8,000 on the Scoville scale, it is on the high end for jalapeno heat too!

Seeds grow into upright sturdy plants that can produce an abundance of fruits. And at six to seven inches long they'll provide a seemingly endless supply of nacho wheels.

Fruits can be pickled and canned either at the red or green stage. 

Sku: 9889

Vendor: Ferry-Morse

Common Name: Pepper

Growing Information Chevron Down Chevron Forward
Safe for bees

for Bees

Grows best In

Best In:

Full Sun


Days to

10 - 14 days


Days to

80 - 120 days


Container Size:



Growing Height:

12 - 36"

water Needs


Average (1 - 2 in / week)

Key Features Chevron Down Chevron Forward

Characteristics: Attracts Songbirds and 2x bigger than a typical Jalapeno Pepper

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

Fill Weight (grams): 0.1

Flavor: 3,500 - 5,000 SHU

Plant Type: Vegetable

Plant Lifecycle: Annual

Approximate Seed Count: 8 - 20

Landscape Use: Edible Garden

Disease Resistance: Deer Resistance|Rabbit Resistance

Tolerance: Heat Tolerant

Growing Season(s): Spring|Summer

Harvest/Bloom Season(s): Summer

Package Dimensions: 3.25 x 4.5"

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Instructions Chevron Down Chevron Forward

Planting Depth: 0.25"

Seed Spacing: Plant Pepper, Super Nacho Jalapeno seeds approximately 18" apart in rows, keeping rows approximately 2.5' apart.

Plantling Care Instructions:Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant when 3 inches tall. Or, sow directly in the garden after the danger of frost has passed. Plant 2 seeds every 18 inches. Thin or transplant to 1 plant when every plant every 18 inches when 3 inches tall. Use a balanced fertilizer when 6 inches tall to increase production. Staking is recommended to support heavy set of peppers.

Nutrient Care Instructions: Apply SUPERthrive once per week. Soak in solution of 1/4 tsp per gal for 15 min. or longer depending on size and type.

At Ferry Morse, we are proud of our non-GMO & guaranteed fresh seeds.

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