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Jiffy Peat Strip Trays in 8 Cell and 10 Cell and Jiffy Peat Strip Tray Greenhouse

Jiffy Seed Starting Peat Strip Trays, Peat Strip Tray Greenhouses & Organic Seed Starting Soil Mix: What are they to gardeners? How are they used for gardening?

Here's what makes Jiffy peat strip trays & peat strip tray greenhouses a top choice for indoor seed starting...

Jiffy Peat Strips are biodegradable cell trays produced using Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp. Peat strip trays are most often used in gardening to start seeds indoors. They are popular in the gardening community because they are easy to use and sustainably sourced. We offer a variety of Jiffy seed starting peat strip products on like bundles of peat strips and peat strip greenhouses. 

Jiffy Peat Strip Tray bundles come in either 8 or 10 cell strips while Jiffy Peat Strip Seed Starting Greenhouses will come with celled trays made of Jiffy’s Canadian peat moss, a watertight tray and a clear humidity dome. If you’re a new or a novice gardener, then we suggest beginning with one of our Jiffy Peat Strip Greenhouses. You can use your tray and dome multiple times; simply replenish the peat strips when you need to.

Peat strips do not come with soil. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have the proper medium for sowing your seeds in your peat strips. We suggest using Jiffy’s Seed Starting Soil. Specially formulated to promote seed germination, Jiffy Seed Starting Soil is produced using peat moss, vermiculite and lime.

  • Peat moss can hold up to 20x its weight in water while retaining necessary plant nutrients 
  • Vermiculite prevents soil compaction, retains moisture and improves root aeration; vermiculite can also soak up to 3-4x its volume in water 
  • Lime promotes a healthy PH balance in soil 

Starting your seeds indoors using peat strip trays is preferable because you can start up to 10 plants per tray (depending on the tray you choose) and the best part about using peat strip trays: once the seedlings emerge and they are ready for transplanting, gardeners can easily tear the tray cells apart and transplant the seedling (peat cell and all) directly into a new pot or the ground because of their biodegradable composition!

There you have it! Everything you need to start your seeds indoors using Jiffy peat strips and seed starting soil!

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Linda Parker


If your plants are getting leggy it means they are stretching to find sun. Do you have them under a grow light? Grow lights help tremendously. If you don’t have a grow light, place them in a sunny south-facing window.

Ferry-Morse Customer Service Team

My plants have been up for almost a week now, but are getting very “leggy”. They have only gotten the initial leaves and no others. Is there something else I should be doing?



Thanks for your inquiry! The membrane around the peat pellets are there to simply hold the peat in place after you add water and it expands. Some gardeners use them, some gardeners don’t: it’s completely up to you. We will say, though, that using the netting around the pellets helps keep your young plant together once it’s time to transplant them into a container or outdoors.

Happy gardening!

Ferry~Morse Customer Service Team

Scott Stu:

Thank you for your inquiry. That may be just what you say: mold. But don’t panic! This is normal (due to the moisture and condensation in the trays). Simply wipe away the moldy build-up and toss away the napkins/paper towel you use.

We hope this information helps! Happy gardening!

Ferry~Morse Customer Service Team

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