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Making Pretty Plates With Edible Flowers

Making Pretty Plates With Edible Flowers

Making Pretty Plates

With Edible Flowers

It's instinctual knowledge that human beings love flowers for their captivating beauty and enticing smells. So, it's no surprise that we make flowers into home decor centerpieces, fabric patterns, perfumes, and potpourri. There are some flowers, however, that also taste as good as they look. Not all flowers, mind you, are edible. We're here to guide you toward those varieties that are both beautiful and delicious.

We were particularly inspired this week when we received a special delivery from Farmer Lee Jones' Chef's Garden. Committed to growing sustainable, inspiring, and high-quality ingredients, Chef's Garden shared with us some of their edible flowers, microgreens, and herbs. 

Which Ones Can I Eat?

Don't just go eating any flower. Most flowers won't harm you, but that doesn't mean they'll taste great either.

Edible Flower Varieties
Amaranth Bleeding Flowers
Bachelor Buttons
Bean Blooms
Egyptian Starflower
Johnny Jump Ups
Radish Blooms

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What To Do With Them

Edible Decoration
Flowers are first and foremost pleasing to look at. You can use them as you would a watercolor palette: Choose whichever flower petals you think will make an aesthetic compliment to your plate. A simple white coconut cake makes a perfectly simple canvas to set the stage for the most colorful varieties. 

These colorful floral options also have delicate, floral flavors which will compliment, not disrupt, a simple and sweet dish. That's why these vibrant petals made a great addition to this coconut cake.

Cocktails and Teas

There are many ways to dress up a cocktail with edible flowers. It can be as simple as placing a nice petal on the top, but you can also muddle/bruise the petals, cook them down into flavored simple syrups, or ferment them into home-made bitters recipes. Try out some of the techniques we found over at  VinePair

If you want to experiment with making your own teas, it's as simple as drying out the petals and combing them into nice flavor combinations. Brush up on your flower drying techniques with this tutorial from The Nerdy Farm Wife 

Salad Seasoning

These edible flowers aren't just pretty, they do offer delicate and surprising complex flavors. To make a salad that is well-complimented by flowers, use elements that are both bitter and sweet, just like the flowers themselves.  

Herbaceous greens like arugula and spinach make a great base to underlie the floral flavors. To bring out the natural sweetness of the flowers, add a subtle sweet/fruity element on the salad. Strawberries and pears are my most highly recommended flavors.

Lastly, a delicately sweet and tangy dressing will tie everything together. For instance, this recipe from The View From Great Island. The recipe includes a beautiful blood orange vinaigrette and makes use of Viola, Nasturtium, and Johnny Jump Up flowers.

Grow Your Own

At Ferry-Morse, we believe in growing your own. We offer dozens of flower seed varieties that are edible and will make attractive additions to your garden. Shop our collection of edible flowers below to enrich your garden and your your plate.

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