Mesclun Mix Seeds


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Mesclun Mix Seeds


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Grow seven different salad greens from just one packet of seeds with this Mesclun Mix.

Enjoy the complementary flavors and textures of arugula, endive, red kale, red and green romaine, Salad Bowl variety lettuce and Lolla Rossa lettuce. It is beautiful in the garden and on the plate!

Seed Content Mixture:

  • 20% Herb Arugula
  • 10% Kale Red Russian
  • 15% Lettuce Red Romaine
  • 10% Endive Reds & Greens - Speckled Leaf
  • 10% Lettuce Lolla Rossa
  • 15% Lettuce Green Parris Island
  • 10% Lettuce Ruby
  • 10% Lettuce Green Salad Bowl


Sku: 4028

Vendor: Ferry-Morse

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Safe for bees

for Bees

Grows best In

Best In:

Full Sun


Days to

7-10 Days


Days to

40-80 Days


Container Size:


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Botanical Name: Mesclun

Flavor: Mesclun Mix offers various tastes of different varieties of greens.

Preparation Ideas: Different tastes, textures and colors make for exciting additions to salads.

Plant Type: Vegetable

Fill Weight (grams): 1.5

Instructions Chevron Down Chevron Forward

You can sow Mesclun Mix seeds directly in the garden as early as the soil can be made fine and loose. Plant mesclun seeds every 2", covering firmly with soil. Thin plants to 6" apart when they display 2-3 leaves. As plants begin to crowd, pick individual leaves regularly for use.

Planting Depth: .25"

Seed Spacing: Sow Mesclun Mix seeds roughly 6" apart in rows.

Suggestions Chevron Down Chevron Forward

Mesclun needs plenty of moisture. Also, fall crops may have to be started indoors since it may have a difficult time even germinating in hot weather. Transplant with care.

At Ferry Morse, we are proud of our non-GMO & guaranteed fresh seeds.

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