Cucumber & Tomato Plantlings Kit Live Baby Plants 1-3in., 12-Pack

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Cucumber & Tomato Plantlings Kit Live Baby Plants 1-3in., 12-Pack

Regular price $39.99
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This Cucumber & Tomato Vegetable Garden Starter Kit is perfect for the beginner gardener.

It includes four different types of plantlings, including the Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber, Early Girl Tomato, The Big Dill Cucumber and Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato. These plantlings are 1-3 inches in size and are live baby plants. The Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber is an All-America (AAS) Selections Winner.

Tomatoes and cucumbers grow well under similar conditions as warm-season plants requiring daytime temperatures of 70 to 85°F. To plant these vegetables, it is best to install them in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Make sure to leave enough space between the plants to allow for proper growth. Cucumbers and tomatoes need at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day to thrive. To care for these vegetables, it is important to water them regularly and fertilize them every few weeks. Additionally, it is important to keep the plants free of weeds and pests. With proper care, these vegetables will produce a bountiful harvest.

You will receive 12  total plantlings in this bundle which includes:

  • one (1) Slicing Cucumber Straight Eight Plantlings 3pk
  • one (1) Tomato Early Girl Plantlings 3pk
  • one (1) Cucumber The Big Dill Plantlings 3pk
  • one (1) Tomato Cherry Super Sweet 100 Plantlings 3pk

Sku: PKIT815-12

Vendor: Ferry-Morse Plantlings

Common Name: Cucumber | Tomato

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Good For Pollinators

Good For Pollinators

Grows best In

Best In:

Full Sun


Days to

52 - 65 Days


Container Size:



Growing Height:

4 - 60" (10 - 152 cm)

water Needs


Moist (2 in / week)

Key Features Chevron Down Chevron Forward

Characteristics: Attracts Bees and Pollinators

Plant Type: Vegetables

Plant Lifecycle: Annual

Landscape Use: Edible Garden

Tolerance: Heat Tolerant

Growing Season(s): Spring|Summer|Fall

Harvest/Bloom Season(s): Spring|Summer|Fall

Instructions Chevron Down Chevron Forward

Plantling Spacing: Transplant Plantlings roughly 24 - 48" (61 - 122cm) apart.

Plantling Care Instructions:Plantlings Care

Nutrient Care Instructions: Apply SUPERthrive once per week.

At Ferry Morse, we are proud of our non-GMO & guaranteed fresh seeds.

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