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Welcome to the Fery~Morse Rewards Center!

Sign Up & Get Free Shipping on All Seed Orders!

Welcome to the Ferry-Morse Rewards!

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We're glad you asked!

The Ferry-Morse Rewards is our new Loyalty Program that gives our visitors AMAZING perks just for shopping with us!  And you're officially invited to join! We bet you're wondering what the perks are:

Level 1 perks include...

Free shipping on seed only orders, access to Bonus Reward Events, and a Birthday Bonus.

Levels 2 perks include...

Free shipping on orders $25+ and early access to sales and new releases.

And Level 3 perks?

Free shipping on EVERYTHING plus all Level 1 and 2 perks! 

It's simple!

In addition to free shipping on all seeds just for signing up, you earn and redeem points for BIG savings! Like so...

There are a ton of ways to earn!

No problem, here are some FAQ's...

Do points expire?

Yes, they will expire a year from when you receive them. For example, if you sign up for the program on 2/2/2022 your welcome points will expire on 2/2/2023.

Levels 2 perks include...

Free shipping on orders $25+ and early access to sales and new releases.

Do I have to put my number into my Reward Profile?

No, you do not have to add a phone number however it might be helpful in case our team needs to get in touch with you about an order.

I redeemed my points but forgot to copy the code, where can I find it?

You can find these points located under the ‘Rewards’ tab at the bottom of your screen.

I accidentally redeemed two discount codes at one time, will my rewards expire in a year if I don’t use them too?

No, the rewards won’t expire, just any unused points.

Can you stack discounts?

No, you are only allowed to use one discount per order.

I accidentally hash tagged #FERRYMORSEE (or any variation of this this) instead of #FERRYMORSE, can I still get my 20 points?

No, you are only allowed to use one discount per order.

BUT, as a one-time courtesy we can add those points into your account for you.

If my email address is different on Instagram than the one, I want to use for my rewards program, will I still get points from Instagram?

No, you need to use the same email address that you have for Instagram for the rewards program in order for the points to convert to your profile.

How can I see when my points will expire?

You are able to view this under your account in the activity tab.

I placed an order but am not seeing the points added into my rewards program. Can you add them for me?

Points should be added automatically to your account but if you are not seeing them right away, we suggest waiting a few minutes and refreshing the page. If you are still running into issues try clearing your cache and if neither of these things work, we can add them as a one-time courtesy.

If I have already signed up for the newsletter, will I still get points if I sign up again?

Because your email address is already in our system as being on the newsletter list you won’t receive points but we can give you points for this action.

If I reach the top tier, will I stay at the top tier forever?

No, the tiers like points are annual so if you are at tier Ace for the year 2022 you will need to spend $200+ dollars in 2023 to reach the Ace tier again.

What is Million Gardens Movement?

Ferry-Morse is proud to offer shoppers the option to redeem their rewards points in the form of a donation to Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing millions of people to grow their own food, in support of the Million Gardens Movement.