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Caring for Plantlings

Plantlings Lined up with Soil and Jiffy Peat Pots ready for Transplanting


Plantlings are live plants, carefully and professionally grown in our nursery so that we can deliver them straight to your door, ready to plant and ready to nurture. By the time they reach your door, they have already sprouted and developed a strong and healthy root system. Once they are in your care, they only require a little extra nurturing and attention as they mature and reach their full potentials. 

Potting Up

For best results, mature your Plantlings in Jiffy Peat Pots before transplanting them into their final homes. Once matured and past the final frost-date in your area, you may transplant them to your garden or into larger indoor containers.


Planting Outdoors


Let Plantlings grow in a sunny, south facing window while regularly watering and fertilizing. For best results, use  SUPERthrive Nutrients once a week. Once the final frost date has passed, you can transplant them into the ground outdoors. Again, water thoroughly before planting. Never plant dry plants. 


Planting Indoors


If you plan to keep your Plantling indoors, you may eventually need to transplant them into larger pots. Refer to the Plantlings product pages to see the recommended amount of spacing for each variety (some Plantlings need more space than others).


Direct Sowing


If you wish to plant directly into the garden, be sure to do so after the frost-free date in your area. Water your Ferry Morse plants thoroughly, and plant in well tilled, weed free beds, windowboxes, containers or baskets. Water thoroughly again after planting, maintaining even moisture until the plants are established.


Nutrient Care


For best results, fertilize weekly with  SUPERthrive Nutrients.