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Container Gardening

Container-friendly flower and herb seeds.

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Featured Container Gardening Seeds

Tarragon Seed

Tarragon Seed


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Alpine Strawberry Seed

Alpine Strawberry


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Shop Zinnia Lilliput Container Gardening Seed Mixed Colors

Zinnia Lilliput Mixed Colors


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Shop Organic Sweet Basil Container Gardening Seed

Organic Sweet Basil


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Featured Planters

Shop Folding Sea Grass Rattan Garden Plant Baskets

Folding Grass Baskets

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Shop Geo Stitch Ceramic Plant Stand

Geo Stitch Plant Stand


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Shop Silhouette Antiqued Ceramic Jar

Silhouette Antiqued Jar

From $69.99

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Shop Glass House Terrarium

Glass House Terrarium


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All of our seeds are non-GMO, so you don't have to think twice about what you're planting in your garden (or serving at your dinner table).


We don't just sell seeds. Ferry-Morse provides nutrients, tools, seed starting equipment and plant decor.


We're available to chat, answer questions, and provide you with valuable tips for being a successful home gardener.