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Grow Your Own Food - It's Easy!

The cost of everything seems to be rising nowadays. Especially, each trip to the grocery store. The good news is that you can significantly cut your bill by growing your own food.

The thought of gardening seems overwhelming, but it’s much simpler than it sounds. Actually it is very simple. It takes just a few minutes a day to care for basic kitchen crops (vegetables tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, etc.). And the taste will blow you away! There is nothing like biting into a ripe juicy tomato fresh off the vine. 

The best part is, you don’t have to trade in your (sub)urban lifestyle for one in the boonies. Gardens simply need is a few square feet of outdoor space, water, and some TLC. Or you can buy a few pots and trays, and grow indoors. Your neighbors are doing it, and so can you. 

Still on the fence? Just ruminate on a few benefits of planting your own food:

  • Save money on groceries. A packet of seeds can cost less than a cup of Starbucks. Your grocery bill will shrink when you start to stocking your pantry with fresh produce from your garden.
  • Enjoy better-tasting food. That tomato on the grocery store shelf was picked prematurely at a far-away farm, and was “treated” to hold up for cross-country delivery. Flavor-test your homegrown tomato against a store-bought one and ping us on social media! If you buy heirloom and NON-GMO seed varieties, you can enjoy a robust range of flavors, aromas and textures.
  • Improve your family's health. Eating fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Their nutritious contents will be at the highest levels as you bite into your produce straight-from-the-garden harvest.
  • Stop worrying about food safety. With the recent recalls on lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other produce, many of us are concerned about food safety. When you grow your own food, you need not worry about contamination that may occur at the farm, manufacturing plant, or during transport.
  • Help save the planet. Home gardening helps the environment in many ways. If you grow your organic food, you’ll spare the earth the burden of unnecessary air and water pollution. This will also reduce the pollution that comes from the transport of fresh produce from remote farms to your supermarket.
  • Reduce food waste. Americans throw away about $600 worth of food each year! It's a lot easier to toss a rotted avocado that you paid over $1.50 for than a perfect red pepper that you experienced ripening in your personal garden. When it's "yours," you will be more likely to eat it.

Again, you don't need a big backyard, or any yard for that matter. You can still grow delicious food in pots - container gardening. Put your sunny balcony or patio to use. Or set up an indoor herb garden on a windowsill. You’ll be amazed at how many herb and vegetables that will grow out of one pot.

Gardening is simple. Here is a good place to start:

 Happy Gardening…and continue to Live the Garden Life!

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