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Ferry Morse Garden to Table Mint Mojito Recipe

Garden To Table Mint Mojito Recipe

Garden To Table Mint Mojito

Mojitos are the quintessential, iconic warm-weather cocktail because the fresh, bright flavors and bubbly effervescence have a way of cooling you down and picking you up. There have been many takes on the Mojito, but it needs no over-complication or complete flavor overhaul. It's a simply drink and it's simply delightful.

So how do you take the Mojito to the next level? Grow it from ground up in your garden. Use the Mixologist Gardening Kit from Ferry-Morse to grow fresh mint and cucumbers in your own garden. After spending the afternoon working in the garden, you'll have earned a drink.

Follow along with the recipe below and enjoy!


Ferry Morse Mixologist Garden Kit


Makes 1 Pitcher (4 servings)


8 oz White Rum
1/2 Cucumber
3/4 Cup Mint
4 Tsp Simple Syrup or 2 tsp raw sugar
4 Tsp Lime Juice
16 oz Club Soda

10 oz highball glasses make the best, most classic presentation for a mint mojio.

Large Pitcher



Step One: Chop It Up

Pick the mint leaves from their stems until you've piled up about 3/4 cup of loosely packed leaves. Now give them a quick rinse.

To get the most flavor out of the fresh mint, chop them coarsely. Save a few whole mint leaves for garnishing at the end.

Slice 1/2 cucumber into moderately thin slices.

Cut the limes into easily-squeezable quarters.

Ferry Morse Mixologist Garden Kit
Ferry Morse Mixologist Garden Kit



Step Two: Combine

In pitcher with ice, pour in 8 oz Rum.

Add 4 tsp. simple syrup

Squeeze in lime juice (toss in the lime quarters too if so desired)

Add chopped mint leaves

Add cucumber slices


Step Three: Get Bubbly

Stir the pitcher to incorporate all of the ingredients. Keep the pitcher refrigerated.

When ready to serve, pour 3 oz. of the cocktail mixture into a glass with ice. 

Fill the rest of the glass with club soda.

Give it a quick stir and garnish with whole mint leaves and a lime slice.


Ferry Morse Mixologist Garden Kit


Ferry Morse Mixologist Garden Kit

Ferry Morse Mixologist Gardening Kit
Try growing our Mixology kit to come up with a variety of home-grown cocktail recipes. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Mint Seed Packet
  • 1 Organic Basil Sweet Seed Packet
  • 1 Strawberry Alpine Seed Packet
  • 1 Lavender True (Sow Easy)
  • 1 Organic Thyme Seed Packet
  • 1 Cucumber Straight Eight Heirloom
  • 1 Jiffy 72 Pellet Professional Greenhouse

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