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Gardening Kits 

Everything you need to start your own garden, in one package. We have a kit for every gardener.

Kit Collections

Culinary Gardening Kits

Shop Ferry Morse Culinary Gardening Starter Kit

Culinary Starter Kit

Go from garden to table with this specially crafted collection of Plantlings™ culinary vegetables and herbs.

Shop Ferry Morse Bring The Heat Gardening Kit

Bring The Heat Kit

Do you like it spicy? From Jalapeno to Habanero, this collection of peppers is specially designed for those who like it hot. 

Shop Ferry Morse Edible Flowers Gardening Kit

Edible Flowers Kit

Flowers aren't just pretty and decorative. This collection of flowers is both pleasing to your palette and to the eye.

Shop Ferry Morse Mixology Starter Kit

Mixologist Kit

This collection of cocktail-ready herb seeds is the perfect way to grow your own cocktail herbs. 

Shop Ferry Morse Salad Gardening Kit

Salad Kit

This kit includes all of the greens, vegetables, and mix-ins you’ll need to grow from scratch for delicious salads.

Shop Ferry Morse Grow Your Own Salsa Kit

Salsa Kit

   This kit will will provide you with all of the seeds and supplies you need to grow your salsa indoors or outdoors.

Flower Gardening Kits

Shop Ferry Morse Butterfly Magnet Gardening Kit

Butterfly Magnet Kit

Bring on the butterflies by growing these butterfly-attracting Plantlings™ in your garden. 

Shop Ferry Morse Flower Bed Gardening Starter Kit

Flower Bed Starter Kit

Plant a gorgeous bed of flowers with a curated collection of 60 flower Plantlings™.

Shop Ferry Morse Pollinator Gardening Kit

Pollinator Kit

Attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and more to your garden with this specially made collection of friendly flowers.

Shop Ferry Morse Instagram Flowers Kit

Instagram Kit

This curated collection of ultra-photogenic flowers are going to warrant some serious showing-off on Instagram.  

Home Decor Gardening Kits

Shop Ferry Morse Succulents Gardening Kit

Succulents Kit

The Succulents Gardening Kit is collection of live baby Plantlings™ that are ready and easy to plant in a stylish ceramic bowl.

Shop Ferry Morse Decorative Container Kit

Decorative Container Kit

Beautify your home with this collection of beautiful Plantlings™  featured in a set of stylish planters.

Shop Ferry Morse Vertical Garden Kit

Vertical Garden Kit

Turn your wall into a trailing, green garden with this vertical garden planter and the beautiful plants that come with it.

Gardening Challenge Kits

Shop Ferry Morse True Grit Challenge Gardening Kit

True Grit Kit

Put your green thumb and your skills with these slow growing, finicky, or late blooming divas. 

Shop Ferry Morse Surprise Seed Gardening Kit

Surprise Kit

What seeds are in this kit? That's for us to know and you to find out when you reap this surprise harvest.

Shop Ferry Morse Giants Gardening Kit

Giants Kit

Plant these notorious garden giants and watch them grow and grow and grow.

Shop Ferry Morse Heirlooms Gardening Kit

Heirlooms Kit

This kit offers a variety of seeds, passed down through many generations.

Wellness Gardening Kits

Shop Ferry Morse Healing Plants Gardening Kit

Healing Plants Kit

Tap into the healing and medicinal powers of these special herbs by growing this curated collection of healing herb seeds.

Shop Ferry Morse Aromatherapy Starter Gardening Kit

Aromatherapy Plantlings Kit

Grow this collection of aromatic herbs from  Plantlings™ baby plants to enrich your home and your garden.

Ferry Morse Aromatherapy Seed Gardening Kit

Aromatherapy Seed Kit

Create a truly sensational backyard oasis by growing this collection of scent-centric plants. Embrace the aroma in your home and garden.