Branded artwork of a cutting board, wooden spoon, garden-fresh ingredients, and words announcing Ferry-Morse's second annual garden get-together

Ferry-Morse’s LIVE Garden Get-Together 2023

We hosted our second annual virtual Garden Get-Together on Friday, April 14th! This free event featured gardening influencers from regions around the country, product announcements, and tutorials.


The Event

Ferry-Morse, one of the oldest and largest home gardening seed packet companies in the U.S., held its 2nd Annual Garden Get-Together on Friday, April 14, on Facebook Live.  The virtual event welcomed gardeners of all experience levels to come together to learn how to bring your vegetables and herbs from the garden to the kitchen. Popular garden influencers joined us to share their favorite garden-to-table recipes, while our very own Ferry-Morse experts demonstrated how to create fresh and delicious recipes directly from our Plantlings™ Kits. 

Garden Marcus

Red Leaf Ranch

Plant-Based on a Budget

Ferry-Morse Bruschetta Recipe

Ferry-Morse Cocktail Recipe

Who Was There?

Headshot of Rebecca Sears, Ferry-Morse's CMO

Rebecca Sears


CMO & Resident Green Thumb at Ferry-Morse

As Ferry-Morse’s resident green thumb with experience gardening from coast to coast, Rebecca will lead the day’s discussion and connect audiences with gardeners across the country.

Headshot of Marcus Bridgewater, personality behind Garden Marcus and author of How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself

Marcus Bridgewater


Personality behind Garden Marcus and author of How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself

Gardening in Texas in Zone 9a, Marcus will be discussing the joys and benefits of having a garden and how gardening helps us grow ourselves.

Headshot of Brian Brigantti of Red Leaf Ranch

Brian Brigantti


Brian Brigantti is the green thumb behind @redleafranch and parent of Olive the Rooster.

Brian is based in Tennessee (Zone 7b), and he will share his perspective as a beginner gardener and how he is preparing for a new year of abundance.

Headshot of Toni Okamoto, founder of Plant-Based on a Budget

Toni Okamoto


Toni Okamoto is the founder of Plant-Based on a Budget, the popular website & meal plan that shows you how to save dough by eating veggies.

When she’s not cooking up a plant-based storm, she’s spending time with her husband and their rescued dog in Sacramento, CA.

Only at Ferry-Morse

Photo of plantlings and a garden starter kit in a cardboard shipping box

Now Available - Plantlings KITS

We are now introducing our new curated Garden Starter Kits that include 12 Plantlings™ Live Baby Plants 1-3in. with over 40 kits to choose from! Garden-fresh meals just got easier.

Branded artwork of a woman potting plants with a plant stand in the background

NEW! Earn Rewards!

Ferry-Morse Rewards gives gardeners AMAZING perks just for shopping with us! And you're officially invited to join!  Sign up now for free shipping on all seed orders!

Caption showing fresh peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes with a squiggly arrow pointing to a dish made of the vegetable ingredients, with the words Try our Garden to Table Recipes!
Tomato-basil bruschetta on bread under the words ITALIAN VEGETABLE & HERB GARDEN STARTER KIT with the caption SO FRESH!

Fresh Garden-made Bruschetta

An Italian appetizer made with fresh ingredients grown directly from the Italian Vegetable & Herb Plantlings Kit.  

Two glasses of Pimm's Cucumber Cup under the words MIXOLOGY HERB & FRUIT GARDEN STARTER KIT with the caption DRINK ME

Pimm's Cucumber Cup Recipe

A refreshing beverage made with fresh strawberries and herbs grown directly from the Mixology Herb & Garden Plantlings Kit. 


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