Ferry-Morse Heritage

Photo of the old Ferry Morse Seed Co Building in black and white.

Since 1856

Ferry-Morse is the oldest operating seed company, having been in continuous operation since 1856, before the American Civil War. Along with our history comes a wealth of knowledge, innovations, and experience. Ferry Morse has been a recognized name in farms and households for many generations. What has always been at the center of the Ferry Morse brand are quality and integrity.

All Ferry Morse seeds are non-GMO. We are committed to protecting the integrity of your crops, so you never have to think twice about what you're growing in your garden (or ultimately putting on your plate). We've committed to the Safe Seed Pledge as a promise to not source or sell genetically modified seeds, in accordance with the standards set by the Council for Responsible Genetics.


Ferry-Morse Innovations


Founder D.M. Ferry recognized that there is no way to tell the quality of a seed just by looking at it. It's not enough to simply grow seeds and pack them up for sale. D.M. Ferry instituted testing grounds for his seeds in Detroit, Michigan as well as in California as a way to continually test for quality. Additionally, Ferry was the first in the industry to set standards for freshness by only selling seeds which were cultivated specifically for a single growing season. By dating the inventory, Ferry Morse is able to ensure freshness and better germination rates.


It may be easy to take for granted today, but seeds weren't always sold in small quantities or in labelled packages. Ferry-Morse was the first to introduce small, illustrated seed packets to the market. This aided in making seeds more accessible to individual gardeners and growers, not just commercial farmers. We stand by this principal today, making sure individual consumers have access to the highest quality and largest variety of garden seeds.

Table of freshly pulled vegetables.
A Young tomato seedling grows healthily out of a peat pot.

Ferry-Morse Today: More Than Seeds

Ferry-Morse is no longer just a seed brand. In addition to distributing our seed packets in home and gardening stores all across America, Ferry-Morse has grown to become a full home gardening destination. We are proud to have acquired brands like Jiffy and SUPERthrive, as well as adding home décor lines, so you can now do more to create your dream garden. 

Jiffy Seed Starting

Jiffy products are the most widely trusted brand for seed-starting products including peat pots, seed-starting trays, soil pellets, and hydroponic systems. Distributed exclusively by Ferry-Morse, Jiffy products help you increase your germination and make the seed-starting process simple.

SUPERthrive Nutrients

SUPERthrive plant nutrients unique, non-toxic vitamin solutions, plant foods, and fertilizers are made from time-tested, proprietary formulas and are suitable for organic gardening. 

Plantlings™ Live Plants

The newest addition to the Ferry-Morse product line: live baby plantlings. We've invested in plant care, packaging, and shipping solutions, so that we can send live, healthy plants straight from our nursery to your door.