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Jiffy Seed Starting Peat Pellets: Where they're from, how they're used and what makes them great!

Peat. Pellets. What are they good for?! Absolutely one thing: seed starting!

For some of us the beginning of a new year signifies three things: hopes to fulfill a list of resolutions, a [dreaded] continuation of winter and a nervous (yet, also a little exciting) anticipation of what comes next. For those of us with greener thumbs, however, the beginning of a new year means we’re one step closer to that last frost.

Alright, so you've determined your last frost date, you’ve got your seeds picked and you’re anxiously awaiting spring so you can start growing those babies…but why not start them sooner?

Yes, you can start seeds indoors in a number of ways, but we're here to make the process as easy for you as possible thanks to Jiffy’s wonderful line of seed starting kits & accessories: we’re talking Peat Pellets, Peat Pots, Mini Greenhouses and more.

Today’s focus, however, specifically covers our Jiffy Seed Starting Peat Pellets. What they are and where they’re sourced from as well as how they’re used! To begin, our Jiffy peat pellets are quite literally what their name implies. They are small, rounded, compressed masses of dried peat moss.

Yes. They’re made of peat but what kind of peat are Jiffy peat pellets made from? Jiffy products are made from reasonably sourced Sphagnum peat, which is harvested from peat bogs throughout Canada. Sphagnum peat is THE recognized medium for reliable, efficient and high-yield plant breeding worldwide. Why? Three major reasons:

      • Peat can hold up to 20x its weight in water
      • It provides aeration for roots
      • It helps retain the nutrients plants need
Different Sizes of Peat Pellets for Gardening with Jiffy Seed Starting Supplies

Our Jiffy peat pellets typically come in three sizes: 36mm, 42mm and 50mm. Larger pellets are ideal for developing seeds with more vast root systems (tomatoes, peppers, etc.) while smaller pellets are great for starting plants such as herbs and flowers. Still, selecting the size of your pellets is most often based on your preference — there is seldom a right or wrong pellet size when starting your seeds indoors!

Ok. So. Our Jiffy peat pellets are produced using small masses of dried Canadian Sphagnum peat which come in three different disc-shaped sizes. Got it! But how are Jiffy peat pellets actually used? Well, each package will come with a more specific set of instructions for using your pellets, but in general all you have to do is add warm water.

Jiffy Peat Pellets expanding 7 Times it's compressed height with the addition of warm water

Adding warm water to each pellet will cause the peat disc to expand into a pod shape; pellets are fully expanded once they are roughly 1-1.5” tall and appear dark brown in color [see Image above]. After the pellets are fully expanded: gently pull back their netting (each peat disc is held in place by a small piece of netting which you keep in place when adding water), gently fluff & level the surface peat with your hand/finger, and then sow 2-3 seeds of your choosing in the center of the expanded disc.

And there you have it! Jiffy seed starting peat pellets are a great gardening accessory because of their composition, size and ease of use — here to make your indoor gardening goals a little bit easier to achieve.

FUN FACT: Jiffy replants already harvested lands with over 100 million trees a year!

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Hi Carl!

You are going to want to sow your seeds in your peat pellets according to the instructions on your seeds packets. Some seeds perform better closer to the surface of peat pellets/the ground while others need some depth.

Please refer to your seeds packet, on the back it should say Planting/Sowing Depth. It could be anywhere between 0.125" or more.

Hope this helps! Thanks for gardening with us.

Ferry-Morse Customer Service Team

How deep should I plant the seeds in the peat pellets for germination ?

Carl Labish


Yes! You can reuse the expanded peat pellets, just remove the seeds that didn’t germinate and you’re ready to go.

Ferry~Morse Customer Service Team

Can you reuse peat pellets from which seeds didn’t sprout successfully? There’s some spots in my seed starter tray that the seeds might not have been non-viable.


Michael Callahan:

We apologize for your experience with the Jiffy 72 Peat Pellet Tray. Please contact us at so we can work towards making things right for you!

Ferry~Morse Customer Service Team

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