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Plantlings Care Original

Transplanting (Recommended)

For best results, plant your Ferry Morse plugs in peat pots. Water thoroughly before planting into moist soil.


Grow them in a sunny, south facing window and fertilize weekly with SUPERthrive until danger of frost is past. Then plant them in your garden, window boxes, containers or baskets. Again, water thoroughly before planting. Never plant dry plants. Fertilize with SUPERthrive and enjoy!

Direct Sowing

If you wish to plant directly into the garden, be sure to order the plants to arrive after the frost-free date in your area. Water your Ferry Morse plants thoroughly, and plant in well tilled, weed free beds, windowboxes, containers or baskets. Water thoroughly again after planting, maintaining even moisture until the plants are established.

Nutrient Care

Fertilize weekly with SUPERthrive.