Mother's Day | sunday, may 8th

Gardening Gift Guide for Mom

Young woman cutting flowers from her garden for a bouquet.

Ditch the Bouquet this Mother's Day

Gift her an entire garden of flowers instead!

Shop from our curated selection of thoughtful gifts for all the moms in your life. We carry everything from easy to grow annual flower seeds that will mature into blooms she can cut for bouquets all season long, to perennial flower seeds she can nurture year after year — to gardening merch she can tote around with pride!

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Give the Gift of Life... with Plantlings™

Gifting mom live plants is a wonderful alternative to flower bouquets. We offer live baby plants in a variety of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The best part: our plantlings are shipped directly from our nursery to mom's front door — young, healthy and ready to be nurtured into maturity.

Zinnia Dreamland Mix flowers blooming.
Pink Geranium flowers in bloom, beautiful vibrant hot pink coloring.
Cosmos flowers blooming against their lovely green foliage.
Mixed Colors Lupine in bloom, gorgeous pinks, blues and whites.
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Garden boots with a sprig and flower growing out of them, illustrated.

NEW! Bigger plants with PlantlingsPLUS™

Bouquets are expensive and often wilt in the blink of an eye... sometimes they even last no longer than a week. Plantlings Plus plants are a perfect alternative to flower bouquets. Now it a larger size , we are able to offer in addition flowers, vegetable, herbs, fruit, small flowering trees and shrubs, such as beaurtiful Hydrangeas.  Plantlings Plus  plants are an especially great gift for the people in our lives whose joy stems from nurturing and watching things grow.

Zinnias in bloom against green foliage.

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Starting her flower garden with established plants is always a win!

Purple coneflowers in bloom against green foliage.

Shop All Fruit + Veggie PlantlingsPLUS™

Give her a head start on her dream edible garden!

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NEW! Premium Gardening Tools
and Self-Watering Planters

A curated collection of premium gardening tools vetted by our garden gurus that she'll enjoy using this season and many more to come!

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Complete Indoor Growing Seed Starting Kit

Comes with Vegetable or Flower seeds and everything you need to get growing!

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Help Her Show-Off Her Love of Gardening...

Check out our selection of Ferry-Morse long sleeve shirts, hats & t-shirts which come in a range of sizes and colors. She can wear them while out running errands or while tending to her beloved garden. One of these items is sure to become her next favorite fashion item!

Watering can illustration next to a watermelon and stars.

Grab Mom Some Gardening Merch

If you're not so sure that apparel is the best route to take, there's always the gardening accessories option! We carry a variety of awesome gardening themed mugs, totes and water bottles that are sure to have everyone asking where she got them from.

Cool older white woman sitting in a garden sipping from a Life is Better in the Garden mug from Ferry-Morse.
Body of model wearing a
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A Gift for the Gardening Moms
Who've Got It All

Sometimes we have that person in our lives who it's nearly impossible to shop for. They either already have everything they could ever want or they're so particular about what they like you're too nervous to take a guess! The ultimate solution: an eGift Card.

Our online gift cards are paperless, available immediately and they never expire.

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