Ferry-Morse’s First Annual Garden Get-Together 

March 20th @ 2:00-3:30pm EST

We had our first virtual kick-off to planting season on the first day of Spring and it was a success! View this free event that featured gardening influencers from growing regions around the country, product announcements, tutorials, and benefited nonprofit organization, Big Green, in support of the Million Gardens Movement.


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The Event

Ferry-Morse, the largest home gardening seed packet company in the U.S., held its first annual Garden Get-Together on Sunday, March 20, the first day of spring, on Facebook Live. The virtual event welcomed gardeners of all experience levels to come together to celebrate spring gardening season and learn from interactive demonstrations hosted by popular gardening creators as well as Ferry-Morse’s experts.

Who Was There?

Rebecca Sears


Chief Gardening Guru at Ferry-Morse

As Ferry-Morse’s resident green thumb with experience gardening from coast to coast, Rebecca will lead the day’s discussion and connect audiences with gardeners across the country.

Marcus Bridgewater


Personality behind Garden Marcus and author of How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself

Gardening in Texas in Zone 9a, Marcus will be discussing the joys and benefits of having a garden and how gardening helps us grow ourselves.

Megan Gilger


Founder of Fresh Exchange and Teacher and Gardening for Good Enthusiast

Gardening in Michigan in Zone 5b, Megan is excited to share her tips around how to decide the best size for your garden and how to get started.

Fanny Liao


Creator of Fans in the Garden and Urban Gardener

Gardening in California in Zone 10b, Fanny is excited to share all about seed starting – from where to start and how to nurture your seeds through the process.

Pamela Reed


Creative Director of Brooklyn Farm Girl

Gardening in New York in Zone 7b, Pamela will be speaking about her experience with urban gardening and how you can garden with just about any amount of space.

Product Announcements

NEW! Live plant options

We are officially launching this season’s Plantlings collection, over 100 varieties of healthy baby plants available for pre-order for delivery direct from the Ferry-Morse nursery to front doors. Now we are introducing its PlantlingsPlus line of larger sized tree and shrub Plantlings in four-inch pots, including Hydrangeas and Azaleas as well as foliage and indoor plants such as Pothos and Spider Plants!

NEW! Digital Tools

During Ferry-Morse’s Garden Get-Together, the brand announced its new referral and rewards program, as well as a personalization quiz designed to provide gardeners with all of the information they need to reap more success with their garden goals.

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To extend the spirit of “getting together,” Ferry-Morse is proud to support Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing millions of people to grow their own food, in support of the Million Gardens Movement as part of the event. In honor of the event, Ferry-Morse will donate $5,000 to Big Green in support of the Million Gardens Movement.