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What is seed stratification?

What is seed stratification? 2

Seed stratification is a term that originated when nurseries used to layer seeds and sand in wooden boxes outdoors. And while layers aren't always needed, the term stuck like those price tags you can't peel off flowerpots! Stratification is the practice of breaking seeds' dormancy to help them germinate by manipulating temperature and moisture to mimic the outdoor conditions under which they would grow naturally. This article will cover the basics of seed stratification and tell you how to stratify seeds at home. Let's dig through the layers and get started!
How To Read a Seed Packet

How To Read a Seed Packet 15

Ferry-Morse seed packets are designed to hold all of the information you need from sowing to harvesting. Just by reading a seed packet, you can find planting instructions, care tips, growing times and more. Here's what you'll find on your Ferry-Morse seed packet and how to use it.