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What is seed stratification?

What is seed stratification? 2

Seed stratification is a term that originated when nurseries used to layer seeds and sand in wooden boxes outdoors. And while layers aren't always needed, the term stuck like those price tags you can't peel off flowerpots! Stratification is the practice of breaking seeds' dormancy to help them germinate by manipulating temperature and moisture to mimic the outdoor conditions under which they would grow naturally. This article will cover the basics of seed stratification and tell you how to stratify seeds at home. Let's dig through the layers and get started!
7 Tips For Growing a Sunflower Garden

7 Tips For Growing a Sunflower Garden 7

Sunflowers, maybe more than any other flower, are know for their uncanny ability to simply make you happy. They're bright, they smell incredible, and they bring a sense of liveliness to your garden. Follow these tips to grow a sunflower oasis in your garden.
15 Cat Friendly Flowers and Herbs

15 Cat Friendly Flowers and Herbs 0

So, you have a feline friend in your house and you want to keep your space beautiful while making sure it's safe for your cat. You don't have to sacrifice your colorful flowers to keep your cat safe. You simply need to know which ones to keep around.
New Ferry-Morse 2019 Vegetable and Flower Seeds

New Ferry-Morse 2019 Vegetable and Flower Seeds 2

Each year at Ferry-Morse we are able to acquire new seed varieties to share with our customers. In 2019, we've had some highly anticipated additions that we are now excited to offer our customers. You will see some completely new varieties, as well as beloved Ferry-Morse varieties that now come in Sow-Easy and Organic options.