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Growing Sweet Corn: Varieties, Gene Types & Planting Information

There are a number of genetic variants for this well-liked vegetable and such variations result in the numerous selections of sweet corn you find in seed packets or on grocery shelves today. If you’re no expert, growing sweet corn may lead to quite a bit of frustration at times – especially when planting varieties together. When planting sweet corn se and su corn varieties do not need to be isolated from each other. However, sh2 supersweet varieties must be grown in isolation from other varieties to avoid cross-pollination and resulting starchiness.

How to Harvest Pumpkin Seeds and Blossoms

Learn how to make delicious snacks and dishes out of pumpkin seeds and blossoms. Going zero-waste and making the most out of your pumpkin harvest just takes a quick bit of know-how. Use these quick methods at home this fall (and every fall after that)

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Founded in 1856, all Ferry-Morse seeds are Non-GMO. We pride ourselves on our seed freshness. Ferry-Morse pioneered the practice of selling only fresh flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, packed for the current season. Fresh seed means better germination rates. Always check for freshness by looking for the date on the back of the packet.